Major Programs

Help support hunger issues by supporting these programs...

The Clothes Silo is a women's resale boutique providing professional clothing at no cost to women entering or re-entering the work force through client assistance programs.

Hand to Hand Project, and its
Fair Trade Store, offers retail sales of fairly traded quality merchandise from multiple resources empowers the individual artisan and supports a sustainable way of life - providing economic resources for food, education and housing.

Our Mission
The Mission of WHEAT is to educate, advocate, motivate and empower individuals to action in the fight against hunger.

We believe that in our struggle to end the tragedy of hunger, we must not only provide food, but we must also work with and empower the poor.

We support self-help projects and other activities and policies that help eliminate the causes of hunger and break the cycle of poverty.

The Face of Hunger
An elementary school teacher was excitedly sharing a lesson on good nutrition with her class. The children were waving their hands wildly as they talked about what they had eaten the night before. She noticed one of the boys was sitting quietly in the back with his head hung down low. At recess, away from the other children, she sought him out to ask what was the matter. He sheepishly explained that he had not eaten the night before. “Why?” she asked.

It wasn’t my turn,” he replied.

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WHEAT is the World Hunger Education, Advocacy & Training organization.

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